Sculpture and the Sea

Exhibition Details

Exhibit Dates:                                            May 7, 2022 – June 30, 2022

Opening Reception:                                   June 4-5, 2022            12:00 - 4:00


    Speakers: Jill Perry Townsend 1-2PM each day

  Janet Runger          2-3PM each day

Location:        Yaquina River Museum of Art - Schoolhouse Exhibit Space

                        151 NE Alder Street, Toledo, OR 97391



Hours:             Friday - Sunday, 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Jill Perry Townsend


Janet Runger

The Yaquina River Museum of Art is opening “Sculpture and the Sea,” an invitational exhibit and sale with works from the Gibbons Trust Collection, the Museum’s Permanent Collection, and local artists. The sculptural exhibition is on display from May 7th through June 30th. An opening reception will be held June 4th and 5th, from Noon-4PM each day. Art talks from 1-3PM during the opening reception will be held. 

Featured Artists

Michael Gibbons (1943-2020) - Janet Runger - Nano Lopez - Julian Morillo - Martin Eichinger      Mark DeGraffenried - Paddi Moyer - Mike Magrath - Jill Perry Townsend


Nano Lopez

Nano Lopez is a Colombian born bronze sculptor now residing in Walla Walla, Washington, where he is near his foundry. He has been living in the Pacific Northwest since the 1980’s, and has gained prominence throughout the world. Lopez left Colombia in the late 1970’s to work in a sculptor’s studio in Spain and study at L’Ecole des Beaux Artes in Paris before briefly returning to his native country and then landing in the Pacific Northwest.

His early work was figurative, but during his time in Spain he began incorporating elements of buildings, industry, and machines into his pieces. This present work is partly figurative and partly his series of “Nanimals” – patterned and brightly painted animal sculptures, incorporating gears and other symbols of modern life.

For more information on the artist, please visit:

"Olivia" by Nano Lopez

This Exhibition is sponsored by the Yaquina River Museum of Art

The Yaquina River Museum of Art, located at 151 NE Alder Street, will be open from Noon-4PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and during First Weekends.