Toledo Treasures

Exhibition Details

Exhibit Dates:                                            July 2, 2022 – August 14, 2022

Opening:                                                  June 2-3, 2022            12:00 - 4:00

Location:        Yaquina River Museum of Art - Schoolhouse Exhibit Space

                        151 NE Alder Street, Toledo, OR 97391



Hours:             Friday - Sunday, 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Katia Kyte


Becky Miller

Featured at the Yaquina River Museum of Art are thirteen selected works from the Permanent Collection which depict iconic views of buildings, roads, and landscapes found within the small mill town of Toledo.  This wide variety of subjects and media will be displayed within the 1887 Schoolhouse Exhibit Space in Toledo, Oregon until August 14th.

“Museums have a duty to acquire, preserve and promote their collections as a contribution to the safeguarding of the natural, cultural and scientific heritage.”  International Council of Museums

Generally speaking, a permanent collection may be defined as a set of material objects which an establishment has assembled, classified, selected, and preserved in a safe setting.  The collected objects of a museum are acquired because of their potential value as examples, as reference material, and as objects of aesthetic or educational importance. To constitute a real collection, these sets of objects must form a relatively coherent and meaningful whole.

The Yaquina Museum of Art’s mission is to collect, preserve, study, interpret, and exhibit significant art works relating to the Yaquina River Watershed region of Oregon.  “With a primary focus on accomplished artists who have drawn inspiration from this region, we are building a body of significant art works that will serve and as painted history for generations.”  Michael Gibbons, YRMA Founder

These artists represent a wide variety of styles and techniques used to interpret their subjects.  From a random growth of native flowers or leaves of grass or from a Main Street corner building to the   Georgia-Pacific Mill, these artists have found their inspiration almost anywhere.

Through presenting exhibitions like “Toledo Treasures,” YRMA provides related educational services for the purpose of increasing and enriching public knowledge through exhibitions of its collections.

The Exhibition

Steve Bennett “Toledo Mill” - Sue Bennett “Yasek Loop Barn" -  Laurel Buchanan “Yaquina Grassland" 

Colleen Caubin “Wild Sweet Peas and Wildflowers - Michael Gibbons “Gathering in the Morning Light” & “Dawn”   John Hewitt “View Down Graham Street" - Jacquelyn Hewitt “Little Red School House” - Katia Kyte “Yaquina Bay Road”  Becky Miller “Leaves of Grass” & “Life in Toledo” 

Bill Shumway “South Bay Marsh III” & “Yaquina Meadows”

This Exhibition is sponsored by Gallery Michael Gibbons and the Yaquina River Museum of Art

The Yaquina River Museum of Art, located at 151 NE Alder Street, will be open from Noon-4PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and during First Weekends.