A Painted Voice for a Sacred Landscape

The Exhibit

The Yaquina Exhibit represents 35 years of oil painting by Michael Gibbons in 45 plein air paintings from locations in the Yaquina River watershed. The purpose of this exhibit is to offer a visual documentation of the beauty, history, health and viability of the Yaquina watershed. Through experiencing these poetic landscape interpretations, a benchmark is offered for sustaining this significant environment for forests, fish and wildlife. This artist’s vision emphasizes the benefits of the watershed that provides employment, a water source, healthy air quality and recreational venues for the region.

The Yaquina Story

What is the Yaquina story as told by Michael's paintings? Settle down with a cup of coffee and check out James Nelson's interview with Michael on site at the Yaquina Exhibition at the LaSells Stewart Center at Oregon State University.
Many thanks to Craig Hamnquist who gave us his time and expertise in creating this video. Craig volunteers his time creating, artist interviews, instructional videos, and creating still galleries of student work at both Corvallis and Crescent Valley High Schools.

About the Artist

Born in Portland in 1943 and a fifth generation Oregonian, Gibbons has been actively painting the Oregon landscape for 55 years. He continues working in his signature style to create intimate views of the ever-changing Northwest landscape.

Preferring to work alone, Gibbons isolates himself among the trees and waterways where he can listen to the voice of the land. The artist is using the painter’s tools to give substance to that voice and spirit by communicating space, color, form and light through his innate talent and refined execution.

“I paint whatever moves me,” says Gibbons. “When I’m painting in nature, it is the divine experience of the land that feeds my inspiration.”

Gibbons Painting in Schreiner's Iris Gardens

Where to See the Yaquina Exhibit

“Yaquina: A Painted Voice for a Sacred Landscape” is currently being housed at the Yaquina River Museum of Art. Visitors can view selected works of the exhibit at the Museum from Noon-4:00 p.m., Friday through Sunday.

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